The DCS Community Group including parents, teachers and staff meets monthly throughout the school year to conduct the business of the school, discussing and resolving issues that affect the entire community in any substantive way.


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Community Meetings
Monthly community meetings are held on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The community meeting includes reports from staff members and committee chairs on topics including upcoming events, ongoing discussions, and new business. Feedback from community members is encouraged. Decisions are made via modified consensus. Meeting attendance is expected for at least one parent. No children please, due to potentially sensitive issues.

Steering Meetings
Steering meetings usually take place on the first Thursday of each month throughout the school year. Attendance is expected for committee chairs. Community members are always welcome. Decisions are made via modified consensus by all community members present. No children please, due to potentially sensitive issues.


  • Committee reports
  • Discuss ongoing issues and upcoming events
  • Make decisions and develop recommendations on the functional business of DCS in accordance with established DCS procedures and philosophy.

Meeting Schedule : Please refer to school calendar.

What Parents Say About DCS

Parents are friendly and supportive with a huge variety of cultures and perspectives to share.


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