Professional educators help children achieve personal and academic excellence.

Curriculum & Classroom Portals

Grade Level Power Standards

  • Teachers, curriculum, standards, and assessment shape the learning experience for students in our district.
  • Power Standards help teachers focus and prioritize what is most important for students to know and be able to do in the time available for teaching and learning.
  • Of the state Grade Level Equivalents (GLEs), Power Standards are the ones that best represent the key skills, concepts and processes mastered at a given grade level.
  • Power Standards create the framework for teaching and learning.

Testing & Grades

  • State, district, and teachers look at how a student is doing in different ways. Everyone wants each student in the district to learn.
  • Teachers, administrators, parents, and community members all have the same goal. How can all these groups, and more importantly, students themselves, know if they are learning?
  • That is where grades and testing come in.

DCS Annual Report

What Parents Say About DCS

To understand the value of DCS, all you have to do is look around at the kids. The school develops mature, caring and inquisitive youngsters.


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